Logwiz organizes Championship Cricket Match exclusive for logistics community for the 2nd consecutive year; this year being out-door and with more number of teams participating, there will be more cricketing entertainment. Come let’s celebrate Cricket and have fun playing.

Match Schedule
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup FGroup G
UASC AHapag LloydMSCNYKHapag Lloyd GSCNewage ITAhlers
20 CubeFSL NVOTeam GlobalVanguard COEVika ShippingHangyu HanshinCargo Care
AgilityAJ WorldwideUASC BFM GlobalVanguard TRCMoundhan ShippingLCL Logistix
Rohlig BlueBig NavigatorsNewage COEKWEJeena & CoDachserWorldwide Logistics

League Stage

7 Overs per side

DayMatch #FixturesTimingResult
Day 1 28-May SatMatch 1UASC A Vs 20 Cube08:15 AM TO 09:15 AM20 Cube won by 7 wickets
Match 2Agility Vs Rohlig Blue09:15 AM TO 10:15 AMAgility won by 4 runs
Match 3MSC Vs Teamglobal10:15 AM TO 11:15 AMMSC won by 25 runs
Match 4UASC B Vs Newage COE11:15 AM TO 12:15 AMNewage COE won by 9 wickets
Match 5UASC A Vs Agility12:15 PM TO 01:15 PMUASC A won by 7 wickets
Match 620 Cube Vs Rohlig Blue01:15 PM TO 02:15 PM20 Cube won by 7 wickets
Match 7MSC Vs UASC B03:15 PM TO 04:15 PMUASC B won by 6 wickets
Match 8Team Global Vs Newage COE04:15 PM TO 05:15 PMNewage COE won by 58 runs
Match 9Hapag-Lloyd GSC Vs Vika Shipping05:15 PM TO 06:15 PMVika Shipping won by 9 wickets
Day 2 29-May SunMatch 10Hapag-Lloyd Vs FSL NVO08:15 AM TO 09:15 AMFSL NVO won by 27 runs
Match 11AJWW Vs Big Navigators09:15 AM TO 10:15 AMBig Navigators won by 12 runs
Match 12NYK Vs Vanguard COE10:15 AM TO 11:15 AMNYK won by 104 runs
Match 13FM Global Vs KWE11:15 AM TO 12:15 AMKWE won by 8 wickets
Match 14Hapag-Lloyd Vs Big Navigators12:15 PM TO 01:15 PMHapag-Lloyd won by 6 wickets
Match 15AJWW Vs FSL NVO01:15 PM TO 02:15 PMFSL NVO won by 52 runs
Match 16FM Global Vs Vanguard COE03:15 PM TO 04:15 PMFM Global won by 9 wickets
Match 17NYK Vs KWE04:15 PM TO 05:15 PMKWE won by 5 wickets
Match 18Vanguard TRC Vs Jeena & Co05:15 PM TO 06:15 PMJeena & Co won by 5 runs
Day 3 04-Jun SatMatch 19UASC A Vs Rohlig Blue08:15 AM TO 09:15 AMUASC A won by 32 runs
Match 2020 Cube Vs Agility09:15 AM TO 10:15 AMAgility won by 4 wickets
Match 21Hapag Lloyd GSC Vs Vanguard TRC10:15 AM TO 11:15 AMHapag-Lloyd GSC won by 25 runs
Match 22Vika Shipping Vs Jeena & Co11:15 AM TO 12:15 AMVika Shipping won by 10 wickets
Match 23MSC Vs Newage COE12:15 PM TO 01:15 PMMSC won by 1 run
Match 24Team Global Vs UASC B01:15 PM TO 02:15 PMUASC B won by 24 runs
Match 25Newage IT Vs Hangyu Hanshin03:15 PM TO 04:15 PMNewage IT won by 9 wickets
Match 26Hapag-Lloyd GSC Vs Jeena & Co04:15 PM TO 05:15 PMHapag-Lloyd GSC won by 54 runs
Match 27Vanguard TRC Vs Vika Shipping05:15 PM TO 06:15 PMVika Shipping won by 9 wickets
Day 4 05-Jun SunMatch 28Moundhan Shipping Vs Dachser08:15 AM TO 09:15 AMMoundhan Shipping won by 10 wickets
Match 29Ahlers Vs Cargo Care09:15 AM TO 10:15 AMCargo Care won by 10 wickets
Match 30LCL Logistix Vs Worldwide Logistics10:15 AM TO 11:15 AMWorldwide Logistics won by 26 runs
Match 31NYK Vs FM Global11:15 AM TO 12:15 AMNYK won by 5 wickets
Match 32Vanguard COE Vs KWE12:15 PM TO 01:15 PMKWE won by 8 wickets
Match 33Ahlers Vs Worldwide Logistics01:15 PM TO 02:15 PMWorldwide Logistics won by 65 runs
Match 34LCL Logistix Vs Cargo Care03:15 PM TO 04:15 PMLCL Logistix won by 31 runs
Match 35AJWW Vs Hapag-Lloyd04:15 PM TO 05:15 PMHapag-Lloyd won by 6 wickets
Match 36FSL NVO Vs Big Navigators05:15 PM TO 06:15 PMFSL NVO won by 96 runs
Day 5 11-Jun SatMatch 37Worldwide Logistics Vs Cargo Care09:15 AM TO 10:15 AMWorldwide won by 55 runs
Match 38Ahlers Vs LCL Logistix10:15 AM TO 11:15 AMAhlers declared the match
Match 39Dachser Vs Hangyu11:15 AM TO 12:15 PMHangyu won by 8 wickets
Match 40Newage IT Vs Moundhan Shipping12:15 PM TO 01:15 PMMoundhan Shipping won by 50 runs
Match 41Newage IT Vs Dachser02:15 PM TO 03:15 PMNewage IT won by 7 wickets
Match 42Moundhan Shipping Vs Hangyu Hanshin03:15 PM TO 04:15 PMMoundhan Shipping won by 70 runs
Super Stage (SS)
8 Overs per side
Day 6 12-Jun SunMatch #FixturesTiming
Match 4320 Cube Vs NYK08:15 AM TO 09:30 AMNYK won by 1.3 overs
Match 44FSL NVO Vs Newage IT09:30 AM TO 10:45 AMFSL NVO won by 12 runs
Match 45Newage COE Vs Hapag-Lloyd GSC10:45 AM TO 12:00 PMHapag-Lloyd won by 73 runs
Match 46KWE Vs UASC A12:30 PM TO 01:45 PMKWE won by 2.2 overs
Match 47Moundhan Shipping Vs LCL Logistics01:45 PM TO 03:00 PMMoudhan Shipping won by 4 balls
Match 48Vika Shipping Vs MSC03:00 PM TO 04:15 PMVika Shipping won by 45 runs
Match 49Worldwide Logistics Vs Hapag-Lloyd04:15 PM TO 05:35 PMWorldwide Logistics won by 97 runs
Quarter Final
9 Overs per side
Day 7 19-Jun SunMatch 50Hapag-Lloyd GSC Vs Moundhan Shipping08:15 AM TO 09:30 AMMoundhan Shipping won by 5 wickets
Match 51Vika Shipping Vs FSL NVO09:30 AM TO 10:45 AMFSL NVO won by 2 runs
Match 52KWE Vs NYK10:45 AM TO 12:00 PMNYK won by 9 wickets
10 Overs per side
19-Jun SunMatch 53Moundhan Shipping Vs FSL NVO12:00 PM TO 01:30 PMMoundhan Shipping won by 6 wickets
Match 54Worldwide Logistics Vs NYK01:30 PM TO 03:00 PMWorldwide Logistics won by 32 runs
12 Overs per side
19-Jun SunMatch 55Moundhan Shipping Vs Worldwide Logistics03:00 PM TO 05:00 PMWorldwide Logistics won by 52 runs

Rules & Regulations

Decision MakingAll rules and guidelines are defined by the Organizing Team. Umpire decision is final at all situations.

WinnerWinner Team gets 2 points per match. In case if the match is tie, run-rate system will be adopted, team with highest net run-rate will be declared as winner and will be moved to next level. Points will never be carry-forwarded to next stage.
 Points will be shared if rain interrupts between the match before an innings was bowled.

Number of Oversa) League Stage : 7 overs per side.
 b) Super Stage : 8 overs per side (The team with best run-rate @super stage will move directly to Semi-final).
 c) Quarter-Final Stage: 9 overs per side per side.
 c) Semi-final Stage: 10 Overs per side.
 d) Final : 12 Overs per side.

Bowling Restrictiona) League & Super Stage : Maximum 3 overs per bowler.
 b) Quarter Finals, Semi-final & Final : Maximum 4 overs per bowler.
 c) Keeper will not be allowed to bowl

Timelinea) Each team has to report 30 minutes prior match scheduled time.
 b) Any team arriving after the scheduled time would be considered as forfeiting the match and the other team present would receive winning points for the match.
 c) If both teams are not present for the match on the scheduled time, the maximum overs may be restricted or the match would be considered tie. This decision is solely with the Organizer of the event.

Bowlinga) A bowler shall be limited to one short-pitched delivery per over.A short-pitched delivery is defined as a ball which passes or would have passed above the shoulder height of the striker standing upright at the crease.
 b) Underarm bowling and Chucking is prohibited, No LBW, No Leg Byes.
 c) Each team would be given one ball per match. This can be changed only in circumstances when the ball is lost or unfit to play.
 d) The bowling team can approach Umpire for ball change. The change can be made only on the sole decision of the umpire.

Match Fixturesa) Match fixtures are as per the discretion of Organizing Team.
 b) All matches will be held as per the fixtures. If the fixtures are such, even if two teams belonging to the same Company/Group has to play against each other at any stage.
 a) No player will be allowed in play in two teams, even if both the teams belongs to the same Company/Group

Player's admissionCompany should send the list of players per team to the organizing team, max (11+5 addditional names). At any given day, only 11 of these 16 players will be allowed to play. If any company couldn't provide the ID card proof of the empoyees (may be contract staff, no id card, etc.,) they have to provide the players name in their letter head and send a copy to the organizer. Such player(s) has to show their photo ID proof (office id card, driving license or pan card at the venue) at the venue prior playing to confirm their identify.

Disqualificationa) If the organizing team found player is not from the same Company/Group, then the team will be disqualified from the tournament.
 b) No alcoholic beverages are allowed. Teams found guilty will be suspended immediately from the match.

Generala) During the tournament all participants are expected to behave professionally and should avoid abusive language/gestures/questioning umpires’ decisions.
 b) Cool drinks are allowed for the players only if umpires agree.
 c) A Substitute Fielder will be permitted if the player becomes ill or injured during the course of the game, subject to the umpire’s approval, Substitute will not be allowed to bowl or bat.
 d) In case of any injury or accident, the Organizing Team is not responsible.
 e) Organizers are not responsible for any loss of personal belongings, therefore all are requested to safeguard their personal belongings.